Some Pictures and Videos

Photos of our outreach where we demonstrate the 3D printer to next generation. For more information, see

Mendrel: a conversion of the Reprap Mendel 3D Printer to a CNC Styrofoam cutter.

Printing of 1/8th of the hull of Neil's autonomous underwater vehicle.

A very cool puzzle box created by Nishat.

Our mobile explorer robot. We use a Roomba as a mobile platform, with a netbook to control it. The white ball is an acoustic reflecter, which allows the robot to receive acoustic signals from any direction.

An acoustic beacon used for localization. It includes a 2.4 GHz radio, an ultrasonic ranger, and an Arduino Pro Mini microcontroller. The explorer robot uses time-difference-of-arrival between a radio signal and an acoustic signal to determine its distance from a beacon.

A Roomba equipped with a 4-directional infrared transceiver used for cooperative navigation.

The acoustic explorer robot navigating in a square.

The infrared cooperative navigation system in action.